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What is TrackVia?

TrackVia is database application platform that business and/or IT professionals can use to rapidly build secure and scalable custom business apps in the cloud.

If your department, or your enterprise, has a business problem that "needs an app for that" you can build your app and solve your problem with TrackVia.

  • As a database application, TrackVia provides you the ultimate flexibility to choose your own field types (text, numbers, calculations, formulas, etc.) to track information exactly the way you want to.
  • As an application platform, TrackVia provides you with the ability to create relationships between tables or within a table to create sophisticated custom apps. In addition, TrackVia provides integrated business features including mail merge, email campaigns, Google maps, and email alerts just to name a few.
  • Unlike other databases, TrackVia is designed to allow non-technical business professionals to build custom apps. Any business person who's familiar with Excel is able to build an app in TrackVia!
  • IT professionals love TrackVia due to a) the stable, secure platform it delivers to business users, and b) the rapid app development it provides IT professionals. Unlike other database platforms, TrackVia frees IT professionals from the need to acquire hardware, buy and install software licenses, and perform sys admin duties to ensure infrastructure uptime and security.
  • TrackVia is hosted in a world-class secure datacenter, is delivered through encrypted browser sessions, and is horizontally scalable, meaning you'll never see performance problems no matter how many users you add to your account.
  • Unlike pre-built software solutions (CRM, HR, etc.) TrackVia provides you with the flexibility to rapidly build a custom app that fits the way you do business.
  • The "cloud" is a term that has come to represent software apps that you access through your browser (including mobile devices). As a cloud platform, TrackVia leverages the internet to bundle innovative ways to bring information in to your app, collaborate, and send information out. These features include integrated web forms, emails into and out of the database, images, calculated URLs, and much more.

TrackVia makes it incredibly easy for you to get started, providing a free trial period with access to all of our features.